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GcPro Key is a GSM & CDMA Professional Dongle. World's most advanced and experienced teamwork in front of you.


GcPro Key Unique Features

World first QSC1100 new boot unlocking feature (for example: C132, S183, M131)
World first auto bootloader management option
Super safe one-minute unlock
Absolutely secure full verification of firmware details

GcPro Key Supported Mobile Phones *:
Samsung GSM Key Features:

REG-unlock for new Samsung basebands up to MJ1. Safe and fast SIM unlocking process via ROOT and ADB
ADB-unlock of old Samsung models. NV_DATA-based SIM unlocking process is now supported
IMEICERT backup option. You can extract IMEI data for cloning on S3, Note 2 and other devices, which are use IMEICERT
All Samsung 4.x.x OS no power ON/OFF menu fix WITH root with ADB
All Samsung 4.x.x OS no power ON/OFF menu fix WITHOUT root without ADB via RJ45
Capability to read the information from all Samsung models, locked or not (QUALCOMM, INFINEON, BADA, etc.)
Capability to check if phone’s SIM has been locked
In case if phone’s SIM is locked then ability to read the carrier information
Smart formatting option is available for QUALCOMM, INFINEON, BADA, etc.
No ADB, no ROOT for all Androids newer than 4.x.x – Direct GTalk, Pattern, Password – removal feature
For all Androids OSes up to 2.3.7 Pattern, Password, GTalk bypass. (Useful to anaible USB debugging)
File System new unique format option for all Samsung models via RJ45

MTK Key Features:

MT6516, MT6572, MT6575, MT6577, MT6xxx (and others)

Safe IMEI rebuild, all basebands are supported. (via SUPER EASY ADB and ONE CLICK)
MTK NVRAM IMEI repairing via ADB and ROOT
MTK Baseband IMEI repairing via ADB and ROOT
GcPro Key can repair IMEI 1 and IMEI 2

ZTE GSM Key Features:


Super fast, safe SIM unlock is available now
IMEI repair is supported
Wi-Fi repair is supported
Bluetooth repair is supported

HUAWEI Modems Key Features:

Ability to read all the information (including: lock level, locked Counter unlock, etc.)
Code sending option

ALLWINNER Key Features:


Safe one-click IMEI repair or change feature
IMEI change or repair prosedure is permanent and won’t restore even if you format the device
GcProKey can repair IMEI 1 and IMEI 2 (Exclusive feature)

Android Universal Key Features:

All Androids – MTK, SPD, SAMSUNG, LG, MOTOROLA, ANY brand with Android OS

GTalk, Pattern, Password, User Code, Permanent Block, etc – safe fix via SUPER EASY ADB and ONE CLICK
All Android mobile phones or tablets – Blink repair or format via ADB and ROOT
All Android mobile phones APN fixer. Useful feature for Verizon and Sprint devices. (Exclusive)

ZTE CDMA Tool Key Features:

C201, C202, C203, C204, C205, C231, C261, C132, C321, C332, C335, C336, C339, C370, C366, GC990, F280, F285, M131, N600 , S100, S130, S131, S160, S1602, S165, S183, S185, S300, Q200, ZTE Modems

First in the world QSC1100 Boot unlocking feature (for example: C132, S183, M131 and others…)
First in the world Auto Bootloader Management option
Super safe one-click one-minute unlock
Absolutely secure full verification of firmware information
Using ZTE CDMA flasher you can flash either full file or EFS only


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